Book of the Month for October

As a way of delving into the great titles available at the Bookshop, we are delighted to bring you our first ‘Book of the Month’ as selected by Marian Gavin, Manager of the Bookshop at Knock Shrine. This month’s book is ‘Learning to Love: Journeys through Life with the Rosary’ by Fr Nigel Woollen. This is Fr Nigel’s second book which will be officially launched on Saturday 20 October in St John’s Rest & Care Centre, next to the Bookshop, at 2.30pm. All are welcome to attend.

About the book:

If we consider our experience here on this earth as a journey on which we are learning to love, then the Rosary is one way of illuminating our spiritual path. Taking this timeless prayer as his starting point, Nigel Woollen sees each of the Mysteries of the Rosary as the embodiment of various stages of our earthly journeying and encourages the reader to share in its wisdom and consolation. In this eminently approachable book, written with a welcome lightness of touch, Scripture passages, personal reflections and surprising anecdotes combine as we are encouraged to re-examine our lives in the light of God’s loving care, with Mary at our side to help us grow in love.

Price: €9.99 (International Shipping Available)

Available to Pre-order here