Prayer Guidance

Prayer Guidance

Open from the First Monday in May to the Final Pilgrimage Sunday in October

+353 (0) 94 93 88100

Our Mission: To facilitate a personal encounter with God. We achieve this by:

Welcoming all to a quiet sacred space

Prayerful contemplation of the Word of God

Compassionate listening, helping pilgrims to reflect on God’s presence in their daily lives

And through these, deepen their relationship with God and experience His love for them

Guided Prayer Sessions

Monday to Friday 12 noon, 4.15 pm and 8.15 pm 
Saturday and Sunday 12 noon, 5.00 pm and 8.15 pm 
During the Novena: 14th – 22nd August

12 noon, 5.15 pm and 7.45 pm


What is Guided Prayer?

During the Prayer time the focus is on the Word of God. There is quiet time at the beginning in which we relax and come to stillness; this time helps us to become aware of God’s presence with us as we pray.

Each session is hosted by a trained Prayer Guide. A passage from Scripture is read. Quiet time is left so that in silence we can listen to God’s Word as he speaks to each one of us. We take time to notice how he is speaking to our hearts.

Each Session lasts for 30 minutes. The Guide may ask for personal prayers or petitions, but there is no pressure on anyone to share unless they wish to do so. What really matters is that each of us is helped to meet the Lord in our own way “In the beginning was the Word” John 1:1.

Sacred Spaces for Personal Prayer

The ‘Taize Room’ with its beautiful rose window and quite ambience is a perfect place to sit and spend some time with the Lord in prayer. Reflective music and the soft candlelight help to create an atmosphere in which we can relax in the Lord’s presence.

Other rooms may also be available for quite personal prayer around a creative sacred space.

‘Pray as you can and not as you can’t. Take yourself as you find yourself; start from that’ Dom Chapman.

Praying with Scripture

Six useful hints to try at home:

Pick a passage of Scripture, have it marked and ready. Place: Go somewhere you can be alone and uninhibited. Posture: Try to become relaxed and peaceful to foster harmony in body, mind and spirit.

Presence: Become aware of the fact that you are in the company of God who loves us without limits.

Passage: Read it slowly aloud and listen carefully and peacefully to it…. pause…. listen to your heart. Pause at words you are drawn to. Try to relax and try not to look for lessons or profound insights. Be content to be like a child who climbs into a caring person’s lap and listens to a story. During the prayer, especially before the end, chat with God in your own way. Review this will help you to notice how God may have helped you or spoken to your heart during the prayer time.

Personal Spiritual Guidance / Direction

God is working in all the details of our lives, for our good. One to one Spiritual Guidance can help you to notice what God is doing in your life, and how you can help that process.

Personal Spiritual Guidance is available to people who are 18+ at the Centre during the following times: 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm daily and by appointment at other times.

“Now I am revealing new things to you, things hidden and unknown to you, created just now, this very moment of these things you have heard nothing until now, so that you cannot say, ‘Oh yes, I knew all this” Isaiah 48”6

Come and See

Why not visit the Prayer Guidance Centre?

It is a quite space where you can relax and pray. A place where you can also experience what it is like to pray with Scripture.

Three Guided Prayer Sessions are held each day during the Pilgrimage Season from the first Monday  in May through to the second Sunday in October.