A Rich Artistic Legacy At Knock Parish Church

Stained Glass Windows at Knock Parish Church

Knock has a very impressive collection of stained glass windows including examples from the renowned Harry Clarke studios, Sarah Purser and Patricia Plunkett.

‘Christ and the woman from Samaria at the Well’

Designed in 1923 by Joshua Clarke & Sons, Dublin, this window can be viewed from both the Parish Church and the Apparition Chapel. Christ is dressed in red and the Woman in blue and this window is a beautiful example of the use of deep rich colours and elongated figures synonymous with the Harry Clarke studios.

‘The Annunciation’

Crafted in 1923 by Joshua Clarke & Sons, Dublin this window is located in the Parish Church. The famous Clarke techniques of using deep rich colours are once again evident in this window, especially in the strong blue/turquoise tones it features.

‘Queen of the Angels’

This window is located in the Parish Church directly above the Memorial to Archdeacon Cavanagh. Crafted in the Harry Clarke studios, Dublin it was donated by His Eminence Cardinal Francis McIntyre, Los Angeles, USA during his pilgrimage to Knock Shrine in the Marian Year of 1954. Cardinal McIntyre’s mother was from Kiltormer, County Galway.

‘Our Lady of Knock

This window was a generous gift of Ms. Delia T. Shalloe of Cincinnati, USA in 1954 and was crafted in the Harry Clarke Studios, Dublin. At the feet of the crowned figure of Our Lady is a depiction of the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist, Knock in which it is located.

The Rose Window attributed to Sarah Purser

This window dates to 1923 and is located above St. Joseph’s altar in the Parish Church. This window was purchased for £40. (Reference: Knock Shrine Archive collection)

‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel’

Located in the Parish Church, this window from the Harry Clarke Studios depicts Our Lady of Mount Carmel presenting the Brown Scapular to St. Simon Stock. The Carmelites of Ireland and New York, U.S.A. donated the window in 1961, in memory of the late Rev. J.A. Rabbitte, O.Carm. Whitefriar St., Dublin who was cured at Knock in his youth.

Stained Glass Window dedicated to Monsignor Dominick Greally | P.P. Knock 1986-2002

One of the more recent additions to the stained glass collection at Knock Shrine is a window crafted by Patricia Plunkett in the entrance hallway to the Parish Church.

The High Altar

The beautiful high altar in the Parish Church was made in the studio of Mr. P. J Scannell of Cork and was presented as a gift during a pilgrimage in 1880.

The style is gothic  and the materials comprising the altar and tabernacle are Sicilian Cork Red and Galway Green Marbles.

The Reredos is mainly Caen stone relieved with panels of Alabaster marble and jewels, and contains the figures of the Evangelists. Two finely carved groups – the Nativity and  the final scene of the Temptation are also represented. Above the tabernacle is a representation of Agnus Dei and each of these is surmounted by a carved canopy rich in finials bosses and mouldings relieved by coloured marble spandrels and panels the portion beyond the altar and on the same level is delicately dispersed. The chief feature of the work is the Pieta, a nearly life-size of the closing scene of the Passion.