Professor John Feehan, Geologist, Botanist, Author & Broadcaster: Guest Speaker, August 20th at 8pm

8pm       Professor John Feehan, Geologists, Botanists, Author and Broadcaster

God in Everything that Lives: A Reflection on Laudato Si


John Feehan is a natural scientist who has written extensively on many aspects of the natural and cultural heritage of the Irish landscape, including definitive works on Ireland’s bogs, wildflowers, and geology, as well as the history of farming in Ireland and a book on Clare Island. He is closely associated with the Dominican Ecology Centre in Wicklow (An Tairseach) and the Columban Ecology Centre at Dalgan Park and has written several books on creation spirituality. He is a Member of the Royal Irish Academy.



Publications by John Feehan. Available at Knock Bookshop


‘Every Bush Aflame’ by John Feehan

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